3CHI Jack Herer

3CHI Jack Herer

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3Chi Jack Herer Delta 8 vape cartridges are filled with a famous Sativa hybrid that delivers a combo of spirit-lifting and body-soothing. The best part of these 1000mg vape cartridges is that there are no harmful cutting agents, just pure hemp extract and natural terpenes, nothing else! And, they’re Δ9 THC free!

A famous Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it’s named after the cannabis activist, Jack Herer. Known for its well-rounded effects, it balances body-soothing comfort with a blissful, clear-headed, and creative mind. It’s great for daytime chilling, while still being attentive and conversant.


Product Features:

  • 1 gram Delta 8 THC Cartridge
  • Unique Strains / Flavors (Sativas, Indicas, Hybrids)

Product Includes

  • One Single Cartridge unit